Don’t Put Your Child Through Your Divorce Battle in Thornton, CO

Don’t Put Your Child Through Your Divorce Battle in Thornton, CO

Settle your disputes through a parenting coordinator

When you’re in a toxic relationship with your co-parent, parenting decisions can fall by the wayside. When you’re at each other’s throats all day, the fighting takes a toll on your kids. Dawn M. O’Neil, PC will step in to make parenting decisions or find resolutions to issues.

3 benefits of using a parenting coordinator

Divorce is disruptive enough for children. Don’t make it worse on them by constantly fighting with your ex-partner over parenting decisions. Read our firm’s top three reasons why a parenting coordinator or court-appointed decision maker might be a good option:

  1. Hiring a parenting coordinator to make your decisions can keep you out of court.
  2. Your communication could improve over time. Having an unbiased third party to help you could end up strengthening your communication with your co-parent.
  3. A parent coordinator helps you focus on your child’s needs first.

When you hire Dawn M. O’Neil, PC as your parenting coordinator and decision maker, for the time being, she has legal custody of your child. If you and your co-parent agree to hire a decision maker, reach out to Dawn M. O’Neil, PC to schedule an initial meeting.