Put Your Child’s Needs First

Put Your Child’s Needs First

Hire a child family investigator in Thornton, CO

Are there major concerns regarding the other parent or how your child is doing? Dawn M. O'Neil, PC is a child family investigator (CFI). CFIs are appointed to investigate and make recommendations to the court on the best interest of the children. Attorney O’Neil will:
  • Investigate any issues at your home
  • Talk to your children
  • Write a report on her experience
  • Testify on her findings

In the state of Colorado, the cost of a CFI is capped at $2,750, but if your case requires additional work or expertise, the courts can issue an order allowing the price to raise. Visit our firm in Thornton, CO to speak with a qualified lawyer about your family’s situation.

What will a CFI do for you?

CFIs are experts at understanding children and their particular mental health needs during a divorce. In general, CFIs are appointed by the courts, not chosen by the parents. However, you can choose to hire one if you feel this step is necessary. Call 303-495-2205 to speak with a qualified family attorney about working with a CFI.