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You don't have to take on family issues alone. Hire a lawyer with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about the different types of family law. Dawn M. O'Neil, PC works hard to help clients through some of the most difficult moments in their lives. Take back your life - schedule a consultation at our Thornton, CO office today.

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Get help dealing with your family law issues in Thornton, CO. Attorney O’Neil helps clients figure out:


If the problems become too complex, and you and your co-parent fight constantly about parenting decisions, our attorney will step in as a parenting coordinator. She will represent your children’s best interests and can make final decisions about their care.

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About Dawn M. O'Neil, PC

Attorney O'Neil has practiced family law for a decade, and she is a licensed child family investigator in Thornton, CO. In difficult divorces, sometimes the children's needs get pushed to the side. Attorney O'Neil moves their needs to the front of the conversation by offering child investigative and parenting coordinating services. Attorney O'Neil makes sure your family life is safe and healthy for your child and takes over decision-making if it's not. Our firm serves Thornton, CO and all of Adams County.

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